Paul Anetter 1893 - 1942 Edit

Born 23.3.1893 in Oberdrauburg
Died 1.10.1942 in Mauthausen


Paul Anetter was born on 23 March 1893 in Oberdrauburg. He was a worker and member of the Social Democratic Party. He lived in Lienz. In August 1941 the National Socialist authorities uncovered a group of Communist opponents to National Socialism.

Paul Anetter was arrested by the Gestapo for participating in illegal gatherings of this group. The Gestapo accused him and eleven other people of having ‘organised continued illegal Communist meetings to discus the political situation’. And further: ‘In addition, the former members of the SPÖ [Socialist Party of Austria] or affiliated Marxist organisations arrested are suspected of listening to foreign broadcasts.’ On 11 October 1941 the Gestapo deported Paul Anetter without trial to Dachau concentration camp. There, as a political prisoner (‘protective custody prisoner’), he was assigned prisoner number 27839. After one month he was released. A few months later, on 14 May 1942, Paul Anetter once again fell into the clutches of the SS. This time the Gestapo deported him to Mauthausen concentration camp.

There he was registered by the camp SS under prisoner number 2850. His name is recorded in the death register of the concentration camp on 1 October 1942. The cause of death is given as pulmonary tuberculosis. Besides his, the names of 85 other prisoners are listed in the death register on the same date, including 30 Jews who are recorded as having died or been ‘shot while attempting to escape’.

Peter Pirker


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Translation into English: Joanna White

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