Antonio Díaz Rodríguez 1906 - 1941 Edit

Born 14.9.1906 in Alcanadre
Died 31.10.1941 in Gusen


He was born in Alcanadre, Spain, married to Juana Aguirre and with three daughters - Antonia Díaz (born 1931), Begoña Díaz (born 1933), and Magdalena Díaz (born 1935). Farmer of profession, he was a militant in the republican left and fought against Fascism in spain since 1936, passed the ruble to France in 1939, where he was confined in internment camps, in 1940 integrated in the companies of French workers facing Nazism in Europe. He was captured in Epinal, France, on 20 June 1940, transferred to Fallingbostel XI-B. On 5 August 1940, he was sent to Mauthausen together with 201 republicans.

Juanfran Murillo Díaz, grandson


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