Vilém Julius Hauner 1877 - 1941 Edit

Born 28.4.1877 in Praha
Died 31.10.1941 in Mauthausen


According to the letter I received in 1973 from Johann Maršálek on behalf the Lagergemeindschaft Mauthausen, my grandfather arrived in the Mauthausen Concentration camp with a transport of Czech political detainees from Prague in early October 1941. The date of his death, October 31, 1941, is provided in the Mauthausen Totenbuch with a comment "Auf der Flucht erschossen". He was murdered under the pretext of attempting to escape. The circumstances of his death are elaborated in Mr. Maršálek's letter. Six months later, under the second emergency law following the assassination of Reinhard Heydich, my uncle, Dr. Edgar St. Hauner was arrested and executed without trial on June 8,1942, in Prague.

Milan Hauner (*1940), grandson




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