Edouard Lemire 1910 - 1943

15.10.1910 HĂ©nin-Lietard
17.1.1943 Gusen

My grandfather Lemire Edouard was French. He got married in February 1931 to Angèle Delmarre been born on 17 January 1909, of their union was born my father Gérard on 30 January 1936.

In 1942 my grandfather Edouard and four or five of his companions were denounced by a French policeman who after the war was condemned to prison for a few months. At his release , this policeman was killed by an unknown person.
My grandfather was since 1 September 1941 a sergeant chief in the movement of resistance FTPF. He was decorated with the Croix de guerre with bronze star posthumously.

In 1945 or 1946 my grandmother visited a survivor of the camp of Gusen who declared her that my grandfather was taken to the infirmary and that nobody returned back. In addition, my grandfather died on 17 January 1943, the date of my grandmother’s birthday.

Eric Lemire, grandson