Für diese Namen sind biografische Details vorhanden:

Luka Greget 1915 - 1944

12.1.1915 Komiža
5.9.1944 Hartheim

Luka Greget was a fisherman from Komiža on the island of Vis (Dalmatia). While serving as a soldier of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia he was taken prisoner by the Germans at the start of the Second World ...

Michał Cieślar 1898 - 1940

5.7.1898 Wiśle
15.9.1940 Gusen

Michał Cieślar was a teacher and social activist. He graduated from the Protestant teachers’ seminary in Bielsko. His began his first job in 1909 at a primary school in Górki Wielkie. A ...

Herbert Julius Pollak 1917 - 1941

17.4.1917 Wien
17.10.1941 Mauthausen

Herbert Julius Pollak was the son of a couple from Prague, authorized officer (‘Prokurist’) Dr. Fritz Pollak (1890-1942, official at the car manufacturer Škoda) and his wife Ella ...

Michel Scholtes 1906 - 1945

14.5.1906 Kopstal
5.5.1945 Gusen

Michel Scholtes, a lathe operator and metalworker, was born on 14 May 1906 in Kopstal (Luxembourg). He lived there with his wife, Irmine Hensel, and two children. He had been an active trade unionist ...

Angelo Valagussa 1922 - 1945

24.6.1922 Cernusco Lombardone
14.3.1945 Mauthausen

Angelo Valagussa was born in a farmhouse on property belonging to the noble Ancarani family. He spent his childhood and his years of primary education in the countryside. Then he moved to the Affori ...

Jean Malavoy 1903 - 1945

7.11.1903 Rochefort-sur-Mer
13.2.1945 Gusen

Jean Malavoy, the son of Vice-Admiral Henri Malavoy, was born on 7 November 1903 in Rochefort and died on 13 February 1945 in the Gusen I concentration camp. He was a chief mining engineer. After ...

Николай Иванович Сабуров / Nikolaj Iwanowitsch Saburow 1915 - 1942

19.11.1915 Moskwa
29.3.1942 Mauthausen

Nikolai Ivanovich Saburov was born in November 1915 in Moscow. After finishing school he attended university. He worked first at the ‘Theatre of the Working Youth’ (‘TRAM’, ...

Jan Zasada 1897 - 1941

25.9.1897 Podębice
26.8.1941 Gusen

My grandfather Jan Zasada was born in Podębice. He lived in Grójec and in Kutno where he was arrested and transferred through Inowrocław to Mauthausen/Gusen. He was left-wing local politician i ...

Piotr Kucemba 1898 - 1945

26.7.1898 Warszawa
19.5.1945 Ebensee

Piotr Jakub Kucemba was born in Warsaw. He married on Zofia Kucemba (nee Rachaus), with whom he had two children – son Bogdan Kucemba, also concentration camp prisoner (Groß Rosen, ...

Filippo D'Agostino 1885 - 1944

15.3.1885 Gravina
14.7.1944 Hartheim

Filippo D’Agostino was a railway official. As an important politician of his time, he and his wife Rita Majerotti were involved in founding the Communist Party of Italy (Congress of Livorno). ...