Biographical details are available for the following names:

Modest Mikołajewski 1900 - 1942

Born 20.11.1900 in Luberadz
Died 12.12.1942 in Mauthausen

My father came from a family of craftsmen, and like his own father became a blacksmith. He had two younger sisters. He married in 1926 and became the father of three children, who were eleven, eight ... read more

Георгий Дмитриевич Зобнин / Georgij Dmitriewitsch Sobnin

Born 7.11.1917 in Noschul
Died 1945 in Mauthausen

In the night of 7 April 1944, aeroplane PS-84 of the 101st Fighter Aviation Regiment did not return from a mission – it was set alight by a German fighter plane in the area around Rakvere. ... read more

Konrad Rózewicz 1900 - 1941

Born 24.11.1900
Died 16.8.1941 in Gusen

Konrad Rózewicz was born on 24 November 1900 in Sępólno (then Zempelburg in the so-called Polish Corridor) and died on 16 August 1941 in Gusen. According to the arrivals list of ... read more

Jan Kazimierz Tryuk 1912 - 1943

Born 28.2.1912 in Pabianice
Died 8.7.1943 in Mauthausen

After finishing primary school, Jan Kazimierz Tryuk attended the state ‘Jędrzy Śniadecki’ grammar school in Pabianice, from which he graduated on 7 June 1932, going on to higher education ... read more

Миодраг Ивковић / Miodrag Ivković 1917 - 1944

Born 30.10.1917 in Trnava
Died 15.6.1944 in Hartheim

Miodrag Ivković was born on 30 October 1917 in Trnava. Already a well-known Communist before the war, at the end of May 1941 he was added to the wanted list of the special police force for his ... read more

Jean Malavoy 1903 - 1945

Born 7.11.1903 in Rochefort-sur-Mer
Died 13.2.1945 in Gusen

Jean Malavoy, the son of Vice-Admiral Henri Malavoy, was born on 7 November 1903 in Rochefort and died on 13 February 1945 in the Gusen I concentration camp. He was a chief mining engineer. After ... read more

Karl Peterka 1907 - 1942

Born 27.4.1907 in Wien
Died 17.12.1942 in Mauthausen

A carpenter’s assistant, Karl Peterka lived at 26/35 Rückertgasse in Vienna’s Ottakring district. According to the People’s Court verdict of 16 December 1942 (5 H 96/42) ... read more

Herbert Julius Pollak 1917 - 1941

Born 17.4.1917 in Wien
Died 17.10.1941 in Mauthausen

Herbert Julius Pollak was the son of a couple from Prague, authorized officer (‘Prokurist’) Dr. Fritz Pollak (1890-1942, official at the car manufacturer Škoda) and his wife Ella ... read more

Jean Marie Dael 1909 - 1945

Born 1.1.1909 in Venlo
Died 9.3.1945 in Mauthausen

The brothers Jan and Leo Dael came from a large Catholic family. Leopold Dael Sen. and his wife Helena Maassen had nine children: four boys and five girls. Leopold was an energetic and successful ... read more

Николай Иванович Кононенко / Nikolaj Iwanowitsch Kononenko 1895 - 1944

Born 28.4.1895 in Belopolje
Died 7.10.1944 in Mauthausen

Nikolai Ivanovich Kononenko was born on 28 April 1895 in the town of Belopolye (Bilopillya) in the Kharkov (Karkhiv) oblast. After finishing secondary school, he studied medicine until 1920 at ... read more