Biographical details are available for the following names:

Ján Bulík 1897 - 1942

Born 1.1.1897 in Kovačica
Died 30.1.1942 in Mauthausen

Ján Bulík came from a patriotic peasant family of Slovakian settlers in the Serbian region of the Banat. After finishing primary school he attended the Serbian grammar school in Novi ... read more

Alojzy Tkocz 1910 - 1945

Born 12.8.1910 in Chwałowice
Died 23.4.1945 in Gusen

Alojzy was born on 12th August 1910 in Chwałowice in Poland. He was the son of Jan Tkocz. Alojzy was a member of The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association. He took part in the September Campaign ... read more

Olaf Eugen Paulus 1898 - 1945

Born 7.11.1898 in Stavanger
Died 13.1.1945 in Melk

Olaf Eugen Paulus was born on 7 November 1898 in Stavanger. He was the son of Olaf Paulus and Dagny Nitter. With a noted composer for a father and a music teacher for a mother, it was natural that ... read more

Jan Florián 1897 - 1942

Born 24.11.1897 in Brno
Died 7.5.1942 in Mauthausen

Jan Florian attended the First Czech State Grammar School in Brno. After gaining his school leaving certificate he was called up to the Austro-Hungarian army and fought on the Italian front in the ... read more

Andrea Zanon 1891 - 1945

Born 5.8.1891 in Schio
Died 15.3.1945 in Gusen

The family of Andrea Zanon (prisoner number 115783) originally came from Val di Rabbi (Trentino). He took part in both the Libyan War and the First World War as a mountain trooper and was awarded the ... read more

Marija Hafner 1895 - 1942

Born 19.1.1895 in Naklo
Died 20.4.1942 in Mauthausen

On 16 April 1942 the Slovenian resistance movement shot five German collaborators, among them the German mayor of Jesenice, Karl Luckmann. As a reprisal for this action, SS Gruppenführer ... read more

Jožef Kokot 1923 - 1944

Born 18.9.1923 in Horní Ves
Died 25.9.1944 in Mauthausen

  Jožek Kokot was born in 1923 in Oberdorf / Gornja vas as the eldest son of Jožef Kokot, who came from Sv. Vid near Grobelno (in present-day Slovenia), and his wife Magdalena Buksbaum. The f ... read more

Guglielmo Steiner 1909 - 1945

Born 13.5.1909 in Milano
Died 27.2.1945 in Ebensee

Mino Steiner was the son of Emerico Steiner, a Milanese industrialist of Bohemian origin, and Fosca Titta, the sister of the baritone Titta Ruffo; he was the nephew of Giacomo Matteotti and the ... read more

Stanisław Janczar 1913 - 1945

Born 8.9.1913 in Wyszogród
Died 9.5.1945 in Mauthausen

Franciszek and Józefa Janczar’s son was born in the Polish town of Wyszogród, in the Płock district. He was one of five children. His life was closely linked with the river Wisła f ... read more

Johannes Hubertus Sneijkers 1912 - 1942

Born 31.12.1912 in Neeritter
Died 23.11.1942 in Mauthausen

My father, Jan Sneijkers, was born on 31 December 1912 in Neeritter and grew up in a farming family. He was a miner, but also spent a period running a café. He later died in Mauthausen. My ... read more